The Chosen’s Unique Message of Friendship and Father-Son Bonds


The Chosen by Chaim Potok takes place in Brooklyn, New York during the 1940’s and the end of the Second World War. The story centers on the narrator, Reuven Malter and his friend, Danny Saunders. Reuven and Danny unexpectedly become friends after Danny injures Reuven during a neighborhood baseball game and Danny fully recovers. Throughout the story, Reuven learns of Danny’s home situation and desires. From there, the friendship experiences numerous challenges and successes.

The Differences between Reuven and Danny’s Home Environments

Reuven comes from a modern but very conservative Jewish home while Danny comes from a very strict Hasidic Orthodox Jewish home. Reuven has the desire to be a Rabbi while Danny secretly wants to work in the field of psychology. Unfortunately for Danny, he is expected to inherit his father’s position as a respected tzadik (which literally means “righteous”) Rabbi. Reuven further discovers that Danny is being raised “in silence”. Reuven, on the contrary, is very popular at his school, very active in the local community, and has the mind of a mathematician. His father is a Talmudic teacher who is in favor of the establishment of the State of Israel. Danny’s father, on the contrary, opposes the establishment with a passion as he believes that it goes against God’s Will and doesn’t fit the prophecy of the Messiah’s coming.

The Message of the Novel

The main message of The Chosen is one in pursuit of one’s own passions instead of simply bending into expectations. It also sends the message of maintaining the strength of a friendship even in forced separation and the strength of healthy father-son bonds. Even during their forced two-year separation by Reb Saunders (Danny’s father), Reuven and Danny never truly drift from eachother. It also somewhat reflects on the challenges that many immigrants and their children face after arriving in the U.S. Danny’s father is from Russia originally and had fled with his entire congregation to the U.S. just before the October Revolution (the first attempt to overthrow the Czar). What the majority of the U.S. stands for is against Reb Saunders’ beliefs and as a result, he completely isolates himself and his family from the rest of the world.

Stargirl Review


Stargirl is a young adult novel published by Jerry Spinelli in 2002. Its main message is one of nonconformity and a healthy respect for differences. The novel is narrated by a boy named Leo Borlock who is attending Mica Area High in a fictional small town called Mica, located near the desert climate in Arizona. Stargirl is actually a sophomore named Susan Caraway. From the minute she arrives at the school, it’s very clear that she’s not your typical adolescent girl. She’s not crazy about make-up or boys but instead, she seems to see the common awe-inspiring potential in everyone and is not afraid to show it. As a result, she demonstrates what Mica Area High consider to be eccentric behavior by doing things like singing the birthday song to everyone on her ukulele and cheering for both teams as a cheerleader.

Stargirl’s Influence

Initially, Stargirl is made an outcast but doesn’t seem to care what the others think and continues with her eccentric behaviors. Then she gains a short-lived popularity by joining the cheerleading squad and cheering when both teams score. Her popularity dips again when she repeats the above behavior during the basketball season, comforts an injured player from the opposing team and verbal attacks are made on her personality on the school’s amateur television show, Hot Seat. Stargirl never regains her popularity after the three events but once again, she is determined not to give in.

Stargirl may be eccentric but she is so for the purpose of demonstrating ideal and ultimate kindness to everyone, no matter who they are. It seems as if Spinelli was using Stargirl as a demonstration that we all deserve the same things, that we are all the same on the inside no matter how attractive we are or what we do or don’t do. Stargirl is the ultimate demonstration of what it means to be kind to yourself and others no matter what. Stargirl is a very appropriate story in a time of the paradigm shifting into collective thought of individuality but paired with the unity of what we are all made of.

4 Things to Know About Buying a Home Security Door

Types Of Home Security Doors
Before buying a home security door, you should be prepared and have some knowledge on what a security door is exactly. A security door helps prevent people from entering without your consent. This is its main purpose but it can also help harsh weather conditions from entering your home as well. There are two different types of ADT in Los Angeles. It can either be an openwork steel door with a tempered glass panel or it can look like a normal wooden/fiberglass door but is actually made out of steel with durable side fixings. They are both equally sturdy. The choice all depends on how you want your home security door to look. For more added safety, it is recommended to have a security screen door as well.

Added Options For Safety
Basic ADT in Los Angeles doors are completely sturdy but if you just want to add some safety measures to your home, there are plenty of options. These include deadbolts, alarms, bars, and door chains. This makes sure that no intruder can ever get past your home security door. Another great option is to add a peephole. This allows you to be able to see who is on the other side of the door, letting you make the decision of whether or not to let them in. Hinge screws should also be considered for a home security door. These screws prevent the door from being pushed in even if an intruder has managed to push out the hinge pins. A door that has extremely high security will have the hinge screws completely hidden from sight. This makes it even more difficult for someone to get inside without your permission. A strike plate is often the weakest feature of a normal door so getting a high security is recommended.

Home Security Door Locks
Choosing a lock for your ADT in Los Angeles is probably the most important part. A weak lock can easily be broken through but a high security lock alone may be enough to scare away a potential intruder. The highest security lock that is available in the United States is called the ANSI Grade 1.

Types of Locks
One big issue with normal locks is that technically, anyone can copy the key to it. With locks that have key control, there are special keys that can only be copied by their manufacturer. This will make sure that no one makes a copy of your key without your consent. Keyless locks are also a great option for home security doors. This removes the need for keys all together. Keyless locks can use numeric codes and fingerprints. These are very personalized and offer the highest security. Last but not least, a double cylinder deadbolt that has keyholes can be installed on both sides of the door preventing an intruder breaking the window, reaching their arm in and unlocking the door.